Using the 80/20 Principle to Optimize your Physique and Performance

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Focusing on The Big Picture When it comes to building muscle and shedding fat, gym-goers often find themselves preoccupied with trivial matters that have little bearing on the big picture. For example, it’s not uncommon to see beginners focusing their time on iso-lateral BOSU ball lunges rather than basic barbell squats…it should be quite clear […]

Redemption Post-Workout Supplement

The 6 Best Post-Workout Supplements for Muscle Growth & Recovery

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Post-Workout Supplement Ingredients for Maximum Muscle Growth & Recovery When you look at the history of the fitness industry, there is clearly no better time than now to be training. We have the ability to arm ourselves with the absolute best in terms of knowledge, equipment, nutrition, and supplementation. Athletes are achieving new heights in […]