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Using Green Tea Extract Supplements for Fat Burning

August 23, 2017

Using Green Tea Extract Supplements for Fat Burning

As you go about your weight loss program, there’s no question that you’re going to come across many supplements that are supposedly going to help ramp up your results.

Type in ‘fat burner’ and you’ll find thousands of products that promise to help you slim down in a hurry.

Which work? And which are more just hype?

When looking at these products, you’ll see a wide array of ingredients being used. When figuring out which product to take, you want to look for natural ingredients that have been validated through research. These are the ones that are going to offer you the results that you’re going for.

One such ingredient that you’ll want to sit up and pay attention to is green tea extract. What’s so special about this, and why should you look for it in fat burning supplements?

Let’s take a look.

The Fat Burning Potential

It’s been well documented that drinking a few glasses of green tea per day can increase your 24-hour energy expenditure rate, which essentially means you’re burning more calories every single hour.

Since fat loss is a function of how many calories you burn versus how many calories you consume, anything that is going to increase your total calorie burn is going to position you for greater fat loss success.

Green tea appears to do this. When you use supplements containing green tea extract, you’re essentially getting a very potent dose of green tea, thus really maximizing the benefits this product brings.

Jacked Factory’s thermogenic fat burner BURN-XT contains an effective dose of green tea extract per serving to significantly ramp up your fat burning ability.

Energy Enhancing Effects

Next, another great thing that green tea extract offers is light energy enhancing effects.

Drinking green tea will provide a moderate dose of caffeine, so you may notice the same energy enhancement when using supplements containing green tea extract. However, it does have less caffeine than coffee.

The nice thing is that because the caffeine content isn’t overly high, you aren’t going to get that crash as it wears off like you would with a few cups of coffee or other supplements that contain a large dose of caffeine.

The more energy you have while dieting, the better your workouts will be, and the more calories you will burn.

Antioxidant Benefits

Finally, green tea extract also offers great antioxidant benefits. This will help to combat free radical damage that can occur with heavy training, keeping your body feeling its best.

As you’ll be taking in fewer calories while on a fat loss plan as well, this too can help to weaken your immune system, making it even more important to get those antioxidants in.

The antioxidants will help to reduce the overall stress load on the immune system, which will help increase your recovery from workout sessions.

So hopefully you can see how powerful green tea extract is in any fat loss supplement you use. As you go about your search, make sure that you are looking for products that offer this.


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