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Interview with JF Athlete Lori Squires, the "Hulk Blonde"

March 08, 2021

Lori Squires Hulk Blonde

Deep Dive with Lori Squires — The Hulk Blonde 

Women’s rights are human rights, and we stand behind the selfless pursuit of equality for every single person — regardless of their ethnicity/race, nationality, gender, age, beliefs, or upbringing. In recognition of International Women’s Day 2021, we are celebrating the females of the past and present who push boundaries, break misconceptions, and continually strive for excellence. 

As part of honoring the accomplishments of these women, we interviewed Team JF female athletes to shed light on the courage, dedication, and resilience it takes to be a successful female athlete. Our hope is their fitness journeys, like those of the 1930s/40s strongwomen Ivy Russell and Pudgy Stockton, will inspire and empower other women. 

Never give up. Never settle. The journey is the destination. Finish unfinished.

How the "Hulk Blonde" Came to Be a Bodybuilding Competitor 

Hulk Blonde bodybuilder

Lori’s obsession with strength-building began at an early age. She was involved in everything from karate to ballet, and as broad of a spectrum that those activities span, she realized the body could adapt and excel given the proper environment.

Fascinated with the human body, she realized she wanted a career that reflected the same type of atmosphere, one she felt passionate about and truly believed in. This led her to a career as a licensed massage therapist.

She competed in her first bodybuilding competition in 2001 and placed first in her division; she continues to compete to this day! 

We sat down with Lori to learn more about her start in fitness and the impact it has had on her life outside of the gym.

How did you get started with fitness and lifting?

Laurie: "Strong women have always been captivating to me — whether it was their character or physicality. I started trying to emulate those qualities that created a strong female profile from a young age. Training with weights at the gym was one of the few activities I could count on to create the discipline to be strong.

Were there any challenges you overcame when starting or along your fitness journey?

Laurie: "I am blessed to be surrounded by friends & family that accept this lifestyle. The struggle sometimes is the misconception that we are superficial people, us bodybuilders.

My love of training is to create the best version of who I want to be in the physical sense; ironically this creates, for me, an ongoing exercise in learning, creating and self love that develops way beyond the musculoskeletal system."

Why do your lift, train, or bodybuild? 

Laurie: "For the same reason an artist creates; a composer makes beautiful music; a dancer moves. My reason for training is my personal form of meditation — it's my creative energy in motion. Bodybuilding is a direct response of this creative process."

What is next for you on your fitness journey?

Laurie: "As long as I am able, I will celebrate and respect this vessel we call our body. My goal is to commit to becoming a better athlete in all aspects of the sport.

I want to create a healthful representation of this wonderful sport; improvement is my eternal season. My goal is to emerge on stage, doing just that. Hopefully, again this year!"

Connect with Lori Squires on Instagram @hulkblond_rmtpro

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