Burn-XT vs. Burn-XT Black: Guide to Jacked Factory Fat Burners Pt.2

Burn XT vs Burn XT Black

Burn-XT vs. Burn-XT Black: Comparing These Jacked Factory Fat Burners

Burn-XT and Burn-XT Black are two of our best-selling fat burners, but you might be wondering how they differ and which is best for getting lean. In our previous guide, we compared Burn-XT to Thermo-XT by breaking down the science of the formulas. This guide will do the same for Burn-XT and Burn-XT Black. 

We'll also discuss how to decide which of these Jacked Factory fat burners to take as part of your weight-loss program. Let's start with an overview of which thermogenic ingredients Burn-XT and Burn-XT Black share in common.

Burn-XT vs. Burn-XT Black: Ingredients in Common

Burn-XT and Burn-XT Black are thermogenic supplements that contain comprehensive panels of science-backed ingredients. The term "thermogenic" means these supplements work to stimulate heat production (i.e. thermogenesis) at the cellular level. When calories are "burned" through metabolism, heat is dissipated as a form of thermal energy. As such, an increase in thermogenesis is indicative of greater calorie burning.

The formulas of Burn-XT and Burn-XT Black share a few of the same core ingredients at similar doses, including:

Caffeine, green tea extract, ALCAR, and Capsimax® do most of the work in these fat burners by increasing the amount of energy (calories) you burn throughout the day, as well as enhancing fat breakdown (lipolysis) and fatty acid oxidation, and suppressing appetite [1234]. BioPerine is the icing on the cake that enhances ingredient bioavailability [5]. In layman's terms, these ingredients set the foundation for weight loss by supporting metabolic rate, encouraging the use of fat for energy, and controlling food cravings.

Even as a supplement company, we aren't going to suggest that Burn XT or Burn XT Black will turn you into a shredded specimen if you're not consuming fewer calories than you burn. Thankfully, we formulated Burn-XT and Burn-XT Black with the same core thermogenic ingredients that make that challenge a little easier. 

Both formulas pack plenty of punch, so you get clean, lasting energy and steady appetite suppression without making you jittery.

Difference Between Burn-XT Black and Burn-XT?

Burn-XT is a bread-and-butter fat burner. It features five evidence-based ingredients in doses backed by scientific and clinical research, including the aforementioned "base" of caffeine, ALCAR, green tea leaf extract, Capsimax, and BioPerine, plus acetyl-L-carnitine (ALCAR).

Burn-XT Black contains the same five ingredients as Burn-XT plus additional fat-burning and energizing agents, namely Infinergy™ sustained-release caffeine (caffeine di-malate), theobromine, and Teacrine® (theacrine). Theobromine and theacrine are naturally occurring stimulants similar to caffeine in terms of chemical structure and physiological effects; they provide complementary cardiovascular and cognitive benefits through multiple mechanisms, notably inhibiting adenosine receptors in the central nervous system and bolstering mitochondrial function [67]. 

Thus, Burn-XT Black is kind of like "Burn-XT+" and is ideal for experienced gym-goers, bodybuilders, and athletes that want that extra "edge" to power them through workouts and get as lean as possible. 

If you're a coffee drinker, energy drink connoisseur, or use pre-workout powders regularly, be mindful of your total daily caffeine intake. Taking a stimulant-based fat burner along with other sources of caffeine is generally not recommended. You might be better off using a stim-free fat burner like Lean-XT.

Furthermore, both Burn-XT Black and Burn-XT can be used as pre-workout energy supplements. These formulas will enhance focus and get you "in the zone" before hitting the gym for a cardio session or pumping some iron. Alternatively, we offer NitroSurge Shred as a delicious thermogenic pre-workout formula in powder form.

Burn-XT vs. Burn-XT Black: Which Fat Burner is Best For You?

Now that you're more familiar with the Burn-XT and Burn-XT Black formulas and how they work, it's time to decide which of these fat burners is best for you

Our take is that most gym-goers and fitness enthusiasts should start with Burn-XT, especially if this is the first time taking any thermogenic supplement. The milder stimulant effects of Burn-XT make it an effective and practical fat burner for a wide range of active individuals. 

Since Burn-XT Black contains a more robust lineup of stimulating ingredients, it might be a bit too much off the bat for less-experienced supplement users and those with a lower tolerance to caffeine. You can always try Burn-XT first and "upgrade" to Burn-XT Black on the second go-around. 

Active individuals who have experience using supplements with higher doses of stimulants will likely prefer Burn-XT Black. In any case, Burn-XT Black is certainly a viable thermogenic supplement for beginners that want to cut body fat while retaining hard-earned muscle mass.

Whether you opt for Burn-XT or Burn-XT Black to help you reach your body composition goals, every Jacked Factory fat burner is backed by a 100% money-back guarantee. Follow the links below to grab a bottle and kickstart your weight-loss journey:

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