Lauren Renwick

lauren renwick

 My name is Lauren Renwick and I am a nationally qualified bikini competitor working towards my pro status! I was always intrigued by the fitness lifestyle growing up but never dove deep into the fitness industry, until 2018 when I did my first NPC Bikini competition and model search, winning the overall and being published in Muscle Insider Magazine was just the beginning of my growing love for competing. I continued on to win the overall at the Lee Haney Games and earn my national qualification. Along the way it was a struggle physically, of course, but I learned competing is a mental game. We all go through hardships and I’m thankful for the ups and downs because everything happens for a reason. All the lessons life has taught me brought me to competing which has helped me pursue my dreams despite any obstacles in my way. 

I’m currently a Fashion Marketing student at Georgia State University. With school and competing it’s truly a test of persistence, the want to win & balance. With my degree in marketing I plan on creating my own fitness label of clothing and spread the love of fashion and fitness to the growing fitness community! 

I’m extremely grateful for the entire Jacked Factory  team and the opportunity they have given me. This is a brand I’m honoured to stand with and call a team!