PEAKO2: An Athletes Key to Next Level Performance

PEAKO2: An Athletes Key to Next Level Performance

If you are in the athletic space right now, you have without a doubt heard that supplementation could help you go that extra mile. In fact, you may have experienced it first hand for yourself.

In the latest research, we see that mushroom extracts are the hot new thing in sports performance.

In previous times, we saw creatine taking the spotlight. Then beet juice became all the rage. Now, mushrooms are where it’s at.

More specifically, PEAKO2 is what you want to be on the lookout for. This ingredient is showing very promising results and may just be the ticket to your best performance yet.

What Is PEAKO2?

First, let’s talk about what this PEAKO2 is all about. This is a combination of six different mushroom strains that are superfoods for your health. Mushrooms are powerful antigens in the body, meaning they help your body adapt to stress and recover faster than ever before.

Strength training is essentially one giant stressor being placed on the body, and the adaptation process is where you get stronger. Anything you do to augment that adaptation process is going to push you in the right direction.

One of the primary mushrooms in this compound is cordyceps. Research has shown that when subjects received this supplement, their ability to exercise at their metabolic threshold was increased by 10.5%, which is a notable change. [1]

As more and more athletes are taking this compound, we are seeing even better results come about, illustrating that it certainly can serve as an ergogenic aid.

The Benefits You’ll See

So what can you expect to see when you add PEAKO2 to your supplement regime? Athletes taking this typically notice:

  • They can exercise for longer before hitting that fatigue wall that forces them to stop
  • They have better overall strength output when doing their maximum effort lifts
  • They are more equipped with the determination to push through fatigue when it does kick in
  • They recover faster between workout sessions, which allows them to get back into the gym sooner again to train hard and repeat the cycle
  • They don’t feel so fatigued after their workout sessions
  • They’ll experience a better overall body composition due to lean muscle mass, which enhances their metabolic rate and helps them burn calories fast
  • You’ll receive better blood flow throughout the body, which can then mean improved nutrient and oxygen delivery to the hard-working muscle tissues

Getting better in the gym comes down to how hard you train and how frequently you train. It does you no good to go in and do a killer workout and then spend five days recovering from it. You’ll end up training so infrequently that results simply won’t come about.

But if you can train that hard, recover fast, and do it all again, that’s where the real progress is. While good nutrition and a proper night’s sleep, both are definitely solid factors in promoting good recovery, sometimes it just isn’t enough. This is where supplementation comes into play.

Putting It All Together

Right now, Jacked Factory has taken it one step further. They aren’t just giving you PEAKO2, but also other powerful ingredients to give you what may just be best gym aid on the market.

Build-XT is a powerful muscle-building assist that will ensure all the hard work at the gym pays off.

With this product, you’ll get not only a full gram of PEAKO2 but also elevATP and AstraGin. ElevATP is an ancient peat and apple fruit extract, while AstraGin is short for Astragalus Root Extract and Tienchi Ginseng Root Extract.

Astragalus is a herb that can help to improve your body’s immune response, which can then assist with ensuring that you bounce back between workout sessions. Remember that exercise is a stress placed on the immune system. When the immune system has more stress than it can handle, that’s when burnout, overtraining and poor performance is likely to result.

Additionally, elevATP has been shown by research [3] to help increase the total level of ATP present in the body at any given moment. This can then catapult your energy levels during workout sessions. Since ATP is the primary energy currency your muscles use to fuel contractions, the more of it present, the longer you can exercise with intensity.

It is a powerful compound to help improve your strength training performance and see better overall muscle-building results. Since building muscle often comes down to how much volume you can perform, anything that enhances your total volume output is good news.

So if you are someone who feels stuck in your current program and just aren’t seeing progress, it may be time for a little supplementation help. Whatever you’re currently taking may not be getting the job done, but you can rest assured when you use Build-XT.


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3. Joy, Jordan M., et al. “Ancient peat and apple extracts supplementation may improve strength and power adaptations in resistance trained men.” BMC complementary and alternative medicine 16.1 (2016): 224


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