Lauren Renwick: Fitness Fueled by a Love for Competition

Lauren Renwick bikini interview

INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY 2021: Lauren Renwick's Fitness Journey

Women’s rights are human rights, and we stand behind the selfless pursuit of equality for every single person — regardless of their ethnicity/race, nationality, gender, age, beliefs, or upbringing. In recognition of International Women’s Day 2021, we are celebrating the females of the past and present who push boundaries, break misconceptions, and continually strive for excellence. 

As part of honoring the accomplishments of these women, we interviewed Team JF female athletes to shed light on the courage, dedication, and resilience it takes to be a successful female athlete. Our hope is their fitness journeys, like those of the 1930s/40s strongwomen Ivy Russell and Pudgy Stockton, will inspire and empower other women. 

Never give up. Never settle. The journey is the destination. Finish unfinished.


Lauren Renwick bikini

Lauren Renwick is a nationally qualified bikini competitor working towards her pro status. Always intrigued by the fitness lifestyle growing up, she had never dove deep into the fitness industry until 2018 when she competed in her first NPC Bikini competition and model search — winning the overall and being published in Muscle Insider Magazine was just the beginning of her love for competing.

We had a chance to speak with lauren about her start in fitness and the impact it has had on her.

How did you get started with fitness and lifting?

Lauren: "I got started with fitness when I was young. I was always in some type of sport; whether it be gymnastics, cheerleading, tennis or soccer, I’ve done them all. I started lifting when I was about 18 and I guess you could say I was influenced by all the models on Instagram to have the 'perfect body,' but now that I’m really into lifting I do it for myself and to feel healthier overall."

Were there any challenges you overcame when starting or along your fitness journey?

Lauren: "There weren’t many challenges for myself when I began my fitness journey because I’ve always wanted to eat healthier and stay fit from a young age. Getting my family to accept that a female wants muscle was the hardest to notion to overcome. I eventually realized that I live in my body everyday, so why would I try to please other people and how they think I should look.

A challenge that most of us face in college is choosing healthier options when you have a day scheduled full of classes. The smell of fresh Chick-Fil-A at the school cafeteria can be tempting, and eating a container full of chicken and rice with a gallon jug of water isn’t the most 'normal' thing to do in the dining hall."

Why do your lift, train, or bodybuild?

Lauren: "I lift because I like to. It’s genuinely a fun thing for me, and I look forward to it everyday knowing this is an activity that’s getting me closer to my goals! I always want to get better. 

I love bodybuilding because it’s an extreme challenge to put yourself through.  Why not, right? Maybe it’s because I’m just weird? Haha." 

What is next for you on your fitness journey?

Lauren: "Next on my fitness journey is earning my IFBB pro card in bikini competitions. I always want to push myself to my best and competition is a great way to see how far you can go. You can never really reach 'the end' in competition and bodybuilding because you can build your body forever; there’s always something to improve."

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