The Effects of ElevATP on Aesthetics and Performance

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If you are someone who cares not only about looks but your performance in the gym, one key ingredient you’re going to want to ensure any supplement you think about using contains ElevATP. This compound is well-known in the fitness industry to be one of the best options for boosting performance and getting you faster and more efficient results.

What is it and what does it do? And more importantly, where do you find it?

Let’s take a closer look at all that and more.

What Is ElevATP?

First, let’s discuss what this compound actually is. ElevATP is a special blend of both ancient peat and apple extract. When these two are blended together with a very special formula, they are able to stimulate the production of ATP in the body.

ATP is the body’s primary energy currency, especially during intense exercise, so by having more of it available, you are essentially boosting your energy level dramatically.

Now you might be thinking to yourself, could you just use a stimulant like caffeine and get the same results? Almost any stimulant based pre-workout also claims to boost energy levels as well.

What’s the difference?

There is a big difference between the two. While a stimulant based pre-workout is going to stimulate the central nervous system and basically make every cell in your body more alert and ready to carry out its tasks, it does nothing to actually improve the energy in which you use to help fuel a muscle contraction.

So here’s the bad news about caffeine on performance: once your ATP runs out, it doesn’t matter how much caffeine you have in your body, you aren’t going to be producing intense muscle contractions. ATP is the only source your body can use to fuel those max sets.

If you were just doing endurance training, fine. Your body can effectively run of fat as a fuel source during that type of exercise and since caffeine can boost fat oxidation rates, it can for sure improve endurance and help you carry on longer.

But for those full out sets that only last a few seconds and rely strictly on ATP, caffeine isn’t going to help get the job done. Not once you’ve already done 10 sets prior and are feeling the fatigue.

For that, you need ElevATP.

Research backs this up as well. In one study published by the Journal of Aging Research and Clinical Practice1, researchers had twenty subjects fast and then consume a single serving of 150 mg of elevATP. Blood was then collected right after this serving, 60 minutes after, and then again 120 minutes after the supplement was given.

It was seen after studying the blood that the elevATP had increased blood levels of ATP by 40% after 60 minutes.

Now imagine, what could you achieve if you could do 40% more work in the gym? Since volume is a huge driver in muscle hypertrophy, this could foreseeably land you far better gains from your workout session.

That’s not all though. If you are replenishing the ATP in your muscles faster after each workout session, this also means quicker recovery times. This means you can get back into the gym again sooner to train once again, thus your frequency can increase. If your frequency increases, this can lead to superior results once again2.

What’s interesting is that in research examining frequency, we see an increase in response and progress when subjects keep their workout volume constant but divide the amount of work they do in one session into three sessions instead. When you take elevATP however, you can bump up your total volume because you have the ATP to do it. So now not only are you training more frequently, but you’re doing more volume as well.

Benefits To Using ElevATP

In addition to the improved overall production of ATP in the body that you will experience with elevATP, you’ll also see a few other benefits.

First, you’ll notice an improvement in your body composition results. This is without a doubt in part due to the fact that with a higher level of workload per session, your overall metabolic rate and calorie burn will increase, enhancing fat loss results.

Second, you’ll also notice an increase in overall power output in the gym. Not only can you exercise longer, but your overall output of strength will also increase. The more ATP that’s available, the more strength you have to fuel the muscle contractions.

You’ll also experience some resilience against overtraining syndrome as well. If you are constantly depleting your ATP stores and trying to recover, this can become very taxing on the body. Eventually, you may not fully recover and if that goes on for a prolonged period of time, overtraining will set in.

Getting ElevATP

So how do you get this clearly beneficial substance? Build-XT is your go-to place. This blend not only provides you with research-based amounts of elevATP to get you the right results but also gives you two other key compounds that boost your performance further.

PeakO2, which is an adaptogen that helps your body respond better to intense training and improve your overall time to exhaustion along with AstraGin, which makes the PeakO2 and ElevATP even more powerful. AstraGin enhances the uptake of these ingredients into your cells, guaranteeing that you see the results you are looking for.

So don’t be so quick to rush out to use caffeine every time you need a boost. ElevATP is far more powerful and won’t be near as taxing on your central nervous system. In fact, it’s side effect free. It’s simply the better way to supplement.


[1] Reyes-Izquierdo, T., et al. “The effect of elevATP™ on whole blood ATP levels: a single dose, crossover clinical study.” J Aging Res Clin Practice 3 (2014): 56-60.
[2] Mclester, John R., E. Bishop, and M. E. Guilliams. “Comparison of 1 day and 3 days per week of equal-volume resistance training in experienced subjects.” The Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research 14.3 (2000): 273-281

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