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How to Increase Vascularity

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There’s nothing quite like getting that extreme muscle pump in the gym. Whether you’re doing an insane chest workout and are really feeling those pec muscles pump or destroying arms and can practically see the veins popping out, having that level of vascularity makes you feel strong, muscular, and lean.

While high rep workouts are one way to go about boosting your vascularity, there are other things you can do that will enhance your level as well.

Put these all together, and soon you’ll be seeing muscle pumps as you’ve never had before.

Let’s look at a few of the top ways to boost your vascularity.

Decrease Your Body Fat Percentage

Okay, so let’s start out with the obvious method: lowering your body fat percentage. Simply put, the lower your body fat is, the easier it’ll be to see the veins and muscles underneath.

Those who have high body fat percentages almost always tend to look soft no matter what they do for their workouts, so this should be a long-standing goal for you.

Get and stay lean for ultimate vascularity.

Dial in Your Carbohydrates

Next, consider altering your carbohydrate intake. To really bring out maximum vascularity, you’ll want to utilize a low carb diet for a week or so and then right before you desire to be extremely vascular, bring your carbohydrate intake up, while keeping your water intake lower.

This is going to help your muscles fill with glycogen without drawing too much water into the cells, which can in some people decrease the overall level of vascularity achieved and instead, just make it appear as though you are retaining water.

You definitely do not want to restrict water on a long-term basis, but for the day of when you want to be vascular, it can be a strategy to use.

Tip: Be mindful of your cardio workout routine.

While modest amounts of cardio can increase blood flow and blood pressure, thus leading to enhanced vascularity, too much cardio training will just work against you.

If you’re doing too much low-intensity cardio exercise, this can interfere with your muscle building potential, and building bigger muscles is another important step for achieving great vascularity.

Too much low-intensity cardio exercise will also decrease your overall drive in the gym, causing weaker muscle contractions and making it harder to achieve the pump you’re looking for.

Use Nitric Oxide Supplements

Finally, the last great way to boost your vascularity is to try a nitric oxide supplement.

Nitric oxide is going to cause your blood vessels to dilate, which then enhances blood flow to and from the muscle cells.

This increased blood flow causes the veins to pop and vascularity to be achieved.

Using a nitric oxide supplement such as Nitrosurge can also help to enhance your recovery after a workout session as well. Nitrosurge contains all of the right ingredients at effective dosages to take your training, pumps, and vascularity to the next level.

With extra blood flow comes increased nutrient delivery to the muscle tissues, which is critical for the repair and recovery process.

So keep these tips in mind and soon you will be experiencing an enhanced level of muscle pumps in each and every workout you complete.

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