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Flexible Dieting has made quite an impact on health and fitness culture over the last decade, and naturally, it has garnered many advocates and many opposers. The reality is that flexible dieting isn’t really anything special; it’s just a science-based approach to eating. Science (and especially nutritional science) doesn’t lend itself to sweeping statements. This […]

A Complete Guide to “If It Fits Your Macros” – IIFYM aka Flexible Dieting By: Elliot Reimers What does healthy really mean? Just about every gym-goer has heard someone claim that results are determined 90% by diet and 10% by exercise. While the exact proportion that diet and training contribute to progress/results is yet to […]

If It Fits Your Macros – Does It Work?  IIFYM has become a popular diet choice in bodybuilding and fitness circles. What is IIFYM? Does it work? If it fits your macros may be the most popular method of eating to emerge in the past several years because it allows for flexibility in the types […]