Shilajit – a Clinically Effective Natural Testosterone Booster

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Shilajit aka ‘The Blood of The Mountain’ – a Testosterone-Booster, Performance-Enhancing Wonder, Straight from The High Himalayan Mountains

Here’s What You Need to Know About Shilajit:

– Shilajit can boost testosterone

– Shilajit can improve heart health

– Shilajit can help boost atp and overall performance

– Shilajit is a potent anti-oxidant

PRIMASURGE contains 125mg of patented Primavie Shilajit per capsule!

Shilajit comes from the top of the Himalayan mountains, it looks very similar to tar when it’s cooled down. When it’s warm, it’s soft and gummy-like.

Local’s call it ‘the blood of the mountain’ or more popularly, ‘rock sweat’. So what is this magical underground compound used for?

Well, research is indicating that it could be a very effective natural performance enhancer.

Shilajit has been popular for a long time in India, but it was totally off westerner’s radars until recently.

It’s still an ingredient that is almost never used in sports nutrition (one big reason for this is that high quality shilajit is expensive, and most supplement companies would never sacrifice margin to use such an ingredient).

It’s only recently that researchers have discovered the amazing benefits of this ‘rock sweat’.

Can Shilajit Really Boost Testosterone Naturally?

Shilajit is actually a well known ingredient in Asia, and was used a natural performance enhancer in the former USSR.

It really seems that the Soviets were ahead of the curve when it came to discovering natural performance enhancers.

They surely beat everyone to the punch with this ingredient, their athletes used it decades ago.

shilajit boosts testosterone and atp

Shilajit Boosts Testosterone Naturally

Studies have shown that Shilajit is an effective antioxidant, and that it supports ATP production. But what’s even more exciting is that in a recent study on humans, Shilajit was demonstrated to increase testosterone levels.

Participants received 100mg of Shilajit two times per day, and as a result serum testosterone levels increased significantly.

Furthermore, oxidative stress levels in the subjects actually decreased, and researchers believe the reduced oxidative stress in testicular cells may be the underlying cause for the increased production of testosterone.

Shilajit Can Also Boost ATP Levels

Emerging research on Shilajit suggests that it can also boost ATP levels. This particular pilot study involved healthy human subjects who consumed just 200mg of Shilajit per day for 15 days.

The results indicated an increase in ATP levels post-workout.

More ATP is definitely a big advantage for athletes, ATP is the cellular energy that is used by the body, another effective supplement that boosts ATP is creatine.

‘The Blood of The Mountain’ Advantage is Coming Your Way

Shilajit is an extremely promising ingredient for athletes in search of a natural advantage. More ATP, more testosterone, we’ll take it!

That’s why we created the world’s first scientifically-dosed Natural Testosterone Booster: PRIMASURGE, it contains 125mg of patented Primavie Shilajit per capsule!

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