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Dog-taste tested. Proven. Tried-and-true. Just a few of the many ways to describe how effective woof protein is for feeling lean muscle growth and recovery after a tough walk in the park. But here’s the catch — most protein powders are loaded with unnecessary junk and taste like those off-brand dog foods. This is why authentic woof features protein the way it’s meant to be experienced: im-paw-sibly delicious, easy on the stomach and simple to mix with water or yogurt… Mmm yogurt. We know you’ve been eating the same kibbles for 5 years, so why not switch up? After all, you earned it. Good dog!

100% NATURAL. 50% bacon.

That's right. Bacon. And lots of it. 

Authentic Woof is made with all natural ingredients, no artificial fibres or dyes, and contains fresh, off the pan, crispy bacon bits. 

authentic Woof

Authentic Woof is a premium quality, im-paw-sibly delicious, protein packed powder made specifically for your furry friend(s). Not only does it contain the necessary nutrients that your dog relies after for long walks and vigorous dog park sessions, but it comes in Bacon Wrapped Kibble flavor so you know they'll enjoy it. 


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