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"I was beginning to lose hope on pre-workouts until I tried Altius. It is the best supplement that I have ever tried! The mixed berry flavor tastes very refreshing and the potency of the ingredients is something that makes me feel invincible."

"The first time I took it I deadlifted a huge PR of 550x5 with no belt on. I know that my training methods helped me hit this set, but I think that Altius was my x-factor for that workout."

Josh L. Hancott

74kg IPF World Champion, World Record Holder


It’s about striving to go beyond your limit.

It’s about tackling challenges head on and pushing relentlessly to achieve your goals.

You’ve got to believe that you can dig deep within yourself – past the sweat and fatigue –  that you can fire up the forces of your entire being and keep pushing. ALTIUS™ will give you the competitive edge that you need to relentlessly push the limits of your training, because success doesn’t come to those who wait.

ALTIUS™ is Highly Potent Workout Fuel. Powerful, Without Compromise.

Using the most advanced scientific research available on sports nutrition ingredients, the ALTIUS™ formulation was born. ALTIUS™ is a pure results pre-workout supplement, created in line with the most promising and impressive research data ever compiled on supplement ingredients. Research that includes clinical studies performed at top universities and labs around the world, featuring the most effective muscle-building and performance-enhancing ingredients on the planet.

ALTIUS™ is like nothing you have ever experienced before.


We have nothing to hide. We are proud of each and every ingredient included in the ALTIUS™ formulation. That’s why you will never see a “proprietary blend” on a Jacked Factory supplement label.

“Proprietary Blends” are used by companies for one purpose, and one purpose only: to hide the fact that they are cheating you, the customer, by under-dosing the key ingredients.

These companies have failed to innovative, and they will eventually fall as customers become more educated. ALTIUS™ doesn’t contain any under-dosed ingredients. All of the ingredients are backed by science, and dosed in line with the research.


Reaching peak performance in the gym no longer requires choking down toxic-tasting pre-workout supplements. ALTIUS™ contains no artificial sweeteners, food dyes, or artificial flavors.

Instead, we use a natural sweetening system including stevia, a natural sweetener that has actually been shown to boost insulin sensitivity. It’s also beneficial for improving liver and kidney health, while lowering the level of oxidative damage taking place in the body.

ALTIUS™ mixes up easy, and tastes phenomenal. In fact, we guarantee that it’s the best tasting pre-workout supplement you will ever try.

Artificial sweeteners may not be all that bad, but there’s simply no need to ingest them prior to training. ALTIUS™ tastes so good that it would be difficult to even guess that it is naturally sweetened & flavored.



Each ingredient in the ALTIUS™ formulation is backed by real science and dosed at clinically effective levels. This scientific research includes clinical studies performed at top universities and labs around the world featuring the most effective muscle-building and performance-enhancing ingredients on the planet.

Many companies will include a science-based ingredient or two in their pre-workout formula, but almost never at the dose that has been shown in studies to be beneficial.

Let’s illustrate an example using the main ingredient in ALTIUS™, Citrulline Malate. Studies on Citrulline Malate show a plethora of ergogenic effects, but the most promising studies use a dose of EIGHT grams. Mainstream pre-workout supplements may give you one gram of Citrulline Malate, ALTIUS™ contains a full EIGHT gram serving. Good luck seeing results using 1 gram!


We follow a simple rule: if an ingredient doesn’t enhance performance and results, it has no place in our formula. For that reason, ALTIUS™ contains no artificial food dyes, no artificial sweeteners, no preservatives, no fillers, and no body-taxing chemicals.

Artificial food dyes have no place in a pre-workout supplement, but are found in most. Is it really necessary for a pre-workout to look like radioactive jungle juice?

Here’s the reality: artificial food dyes have been linked to symptoms of hyperactivity and they can actually become carcinogenic when your body begins to break them down.

The bottom line is that consuming artificial dyes isn’t going to do your body any favors, and it certainly isn’t going to put pounds on the bar.



    Attack your workouts relentlessly and ruthlessly. A clean energy surge and laser focus powered by a synergistic ingredient stack of Caffeine, ALPHA-GPC, and Methylcobalmin.


    Rapidly increase strength and power. ALTIUS™ packs a serious punch with mega-dosed premium key ingredients that have been shown in real human studies to increase strength and power. ALTIUS™ delivers everything that you need to shatter personal records and blast through plateaus.


    ALTIUS™ does a lot more than provide you with incredible performance enhancing benefits in your training sessions. It also contains full doses of ingredients that have been proven effective at building muscle. 2.5 Grams of Betaine, 3.2 Grams of Beta-Alanine, and 3 Grams of Creatine Monohydrate. Full effective doses of powerhouse ingredients that fuel lean muscle gains.


    ALTIUS™ rapidly increases nitric oxide levels and helps increase blood flow to the muscle. Experience insane pumps, vascularity, and drive vital nutrients to where they are needed most.

100% Naturally Sweetened, Flavored – No Artificial Sweeteners

ALTIUS™ contains no artificial sweeteners which are commonly found in the majority of pre-workout supplements. Artificial sweeteners simply aren’t needed.Instead, we use stevia, a natural sweetener that has actually been shown to boost insulin sensitivity. It’s also beneficial for improving liver and kidney health, while lowering the level of oxidative damage taking place in the body. ALTIUS™ mixes up easy, and tastes phenomenal. In fact, we guarantee that it’s the best tasting pre-workout supplement you will ever try. Artificial sweeteners may not be all that bad, but we would rather err on the side of caution. There’s simply no need to ingest artificial sweeteners, food dyes, and chemicals prior to training.



2:1 Citrulline Malate is a key ingredient in the ALTIUS™ formulation, with each scoop containing a full clinically effective dose of 8 grams, the highest dose currently available on the market!

The most promising clinical research shows 8 grams to be the optimal dose used for maximum benefits, as much as 16x what you’ll find in most other pre-workout supplements.

Of particular significance to athletes is the higher plasma argnine levels attainable through Citrulline Malate consumption. This translates into enhanced nitric oxide (NO) production. Nitric oxide relaxes and widens blood vessels, and increases blood flow to muscle tissue. In effect this results in intense muscle pumps and peak performance in the gym. Citrulline Malate has been shown to increase nitric oxide levels better than the L-Arginine used in many supplements.

Citrulline Malate also removes lactic acid, ammonia and other endotoxins from working muscles, further amplifying peak workout performance. It also enhances ATP production during exercise, further enhancing muscular performance.

Citrulline Malate Benefits in a Nutshell:

Improves Strength & Power*

Increases Blood Flow to The Muscle*

Improves Athletic Anaerobic Performance*

Helps Relieve Muscle Soreness*

Boosts Aerobic Performance*

Creatine Monohydrate is a proven effective ingredient with hundreds of clinical studies on the vast amount of performance benefits:

Increases Strength & Power*

Helps Build Muscle*

Boosts Anaerobic Endurance*

Helps Reduce Muscle Damage & Soreness*

Despite the misleading marketing hype surrounding different types of “fancy” creatine forms, we defer to proven clinical research to reveal the truth: Creatine Monohydrate remains unchallenged in its ability to support significant boosts in muscle strength and power, as well as muscle growth.

Up to 15% Increased Maximum Power & Endurance*

Up to 20% Increased Power During Interval Training*

Up to 30% Gain in Power and Energy Release in Short-Sprint Range*

Up to 15% Gain in Power for sprint repetitions*

There’s a considerable amount of clinical data available on Betaine Anhydrous (trimethylglycine), and its substantial performance enhancing benefits are encouraging. Some of the effects of Betaine include:

Helps Build Lean Muscle Mass*

Increases Strength & Power*

Increases Endurance*

Boosts Protein Synthesis*

Boosts HGH output*

One study using a daily 2.5 gram dose of Betaine (the dose found in ALTIUS) resulted in a 4lb lean muscle gain, 7lb fat loss, and a 10% increase in arm size in just 6 weeks.*.

Another study using a 2.5 gram daily dose of Betaine resulted in an increase in bench press power by 20% and and increase in muscle force on the bench press by 25%.*

Beta-Alanine is a naturally occurring amino acid that is taken up by muscle tissue and converted into carnosine. As Beta-Alanine levels rise, carnosine levels also rise, leading to numerous performance benefits.

Research Indicates That Carnosine:

Increases Strength and Power*

Enhances Endurance Levels*

Improves Recovery*

Stimulates Fat Loss and Muscle Growth*

Beta-Alanine may cause a temporary itching or tingling of the skin, it is very common and completely harmless.

One promising study on boxers using Beta-Alanine suggested that four weeks of supplementation increased their average punching power in the last 10 seconds of a round by 2000% more compared to the placebo group.

Expect to have more power towards the end of your workout and be able to lift heavier for longer. By being able to train heavier for longer, it’s certain that you will be able to pack on more lean muscle and increase your strength levels.

Alpha-GPC (Alpha-Glyceryl Phosphoryl Choline) boosts mood, improves brain function, and improves focus. It enhances the mind-muscle connection while training by increasing levels of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine.*

ALPHA-GPC has also been shown in studies when consumed pre-exercise to increase post-workout serum growth hormone (GH) levels* Research indicates that ALPHA-GPC can increase muscle strength, power, and endurance.*

Enhances Mind-Muscle Connection*

Boosts Mood & Focus*

Increases Muscle Strength & Power

Enhances Endurance*

Increases Post Workout GH Levels*

ALTIUS contains 325mg of Caffeine Anhydrous. Caffeine Anhydrous is a powerful stimulant that increases energy levels but also has been shown to increase muscle endurance and strength.

Methylcobalamin is unfortunately not the typical form of B12 found in most supplements. If you look closely at the label of most supplements using B12, you will notice that the B12 source is very likely going to be cyanocobalamin. Cyanocobalamin is a cheap synthetic form of B12 bound to a cyanide molecule.Many companies use cyanocobalamin because it’s up to 100 times cheaper than the superior form, Methylcobalamin.

We use Methylcobalamin, a far superior form of Vitamin B12 that the body can actually absorb effectively. We added Methylcobalamin because it stacks very well with Caffeine & ALPHA-GPC.

Other Notable B12 Benefits Include:

Increased Alertness*

Enhanced Energy Production*

Promotes Healthy Nervous System Function*

BioPerine® is Sabinsa’s patented black pepper extract. It was added to the formula to help ramp-up absorption. What’s the point of amazing ingredients if they don’t absorb fully? It contains standardized amounts of the active ingredient piperine. Clinical studies suggest that a 5mg dose of BioPerine® taken with other supplements increases the absorption of the other supplements by 30 to 2000 percent. ALTIUS contains 5mg of BioPerine.



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