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Zack Jennings

Zack jennings

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My name is Zack Jennings and I am a 19 year-old future Classic Physique competitor from Novi, Michigan. I plan to make my Classic Physique debut in 2021. Growing up, I built the base of my physique by working hard for several years and receiving a black belt in Taekwondo. I also grew up playing basketball throughout my childhood and in high school. 

It wasn’t until i was about 16 years old when I discovered my passion for bodybuilding. I started lifting when I was 15 years old to get stronger for basketball and my Dad who was a bodybuilder who has lifted his whole life introduced me to the sport. At first, I didn’t care for training too much but my dad encouraged me to continue for the next couple of months so I could see where it would take me. Suddenly, I began to see rapid changes in both my strength and physique. I met a group of guys who shared the same passion and I started becoming obsessed with this whole idea of becoming a bodybuilder. From then on I began watching fitness YouTubers such as David Laid and Calum Vonmoger and began to soak up as much information about fitness as I could. 

Throughout the years I have grown from being 140LBS (15 year old) all the way to today where I am 220LBS at 19 years old. I am attending Grand Valley State University for the next 3 years and am working towards a business degree. I have big dreams of competing at a high level in bodybuilding and the fitness industry as I continue to grow. 

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Height: 6 ft

Stage weight: 197lbs

Off-season weight: 220lbs

First Indian IFBB Men’s physique pro

One of the youngest athletes to turn pro in Canada at the age of 23

Instagram: zackjenningz

YouTube: Zack Jennings