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I decided to partner up with Jacked Factory, first and foremost, because of the authenticity I picked up when first talking to them. We spoke about our goals and the vision we set out and it aligned really well for the both of us. On top of that I was able to try some of the supplements and I was blown away by the variety of options JF had. Competing at the highest level in my given sport, I have to be very vigilant and aware of what supplement I utilize and JF carries all the supplements I’d need to excel and reach my fullest potential. I’m very excited for what the future holds.

Height: 5'10"

Stage Weight: 185lb

Off Season Weight: 195lb

  • 2016 Sweden Fitness Galan-1st  

  • 2015 IFBB Iron games Pro Bikini-1st

  • 2015 IFBB Iowa Pro show-1st

  • 2014 IFBB Iowa Pro-1st

    2013 IFBB Iowa Pro-1st

    2013 IFBB Southern California Pro Bikini -1st

    2012 IFBB Pacific USA Pro Bikini-1st

Instagram: @stevencao_


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