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Daniel Tyminski

Lori "hulk Blond" Squires

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My obsession with strength building began at an early age. I was involved in everything from karate to ballet, and as broad a spectrum those activities span, I realized the body could adapt and excel given the proper environment. 

 As a little girl I watched the Incredible Hulk and Wonder Woman adapt to their environments..and I was fascinated!

 The fascination with the human body spilled into adulthood. I realized I wanted a career that reflected the same type of atmosphere, one I felt passionate about and truly believed in. This led me to a wonderful career as a Registered Massage Therapist where we create a holistic, nurturing environment for our truly amazing vessels, our bodies, to heal and augment function. 

 Clearly enthralled by the beautiful human body...I began and continue today to build mine. I am grateful for the ability to move and learn to create a stronger physique and stronger mind. I relate them both, as we all know, original strength comes from within. I competed in my first bodybuilding competition in 2001 where I placed first in my division. I eventually continued the trend into 2015 and finally a Pro Card in 2018! 

My initial introduction to Jacked Factory supplements came from my boyfriend Morgan, another JF athlete....simply by them being around the house! I know how serious Morgan is about his supplementation, so I began sampling his. I am selective about what goes into my body, and I feel confident in the brain power and people who are the Jacked Factory brand. 

In August of 2018 I was honoured and humbled to become an official IFBB Women's Physique PRO at the Natural Pro Qualifier in Toronto, Canada. I am determined to grow, improve and honour that card as I set a plan in motion to compete as a Pro! I am just as grateful for the opportunity to be a part of a team in Jacked Factory, a team I trust to supply the best supplements in the industry.

Favourite food: certified chocoholic , sushi, crunchy peanut butter!
 Profession : Registered Massage Therapist Graston Clinician Business Owner  
 Favourite body part to train: Legs- because they’re the most difficult😅 

 Height:4’11& 1/2* 

Stage weight ~100 pounds

 Offseason weight~120 pounds ( We’re pushing that one!) 
Profession : Registered Massage TherapistGraston ClinicianBusiness Owner 

Earned IFBB Pro Card