The Bench Press Bible: How To Increase your Bench Press Fast

How To Increase your Bench Press Fast

The bench press is the holy grail of all the weight room exercises and any guy who has ever stepped foot in the gym has probably been asked the question, “how much can you bench?”

This means that increasing your bench press and finding scientifically proven ways to boost your bench press is of the utmost importance for any lifter. The bench press is one of the best exercises for building a strong and powerful chest and is the ultimate ego lift, which is also important!

Every guy wants to throw up heavy weight on the bench press and this will be a catalyst to building lean muscle mass all over your body and boosting your anabolic hormones.

Since the bench press works several major muscle groups such as your chest, deltoids, and indirectly lats and legs – this means you will get an incredible anabolic hormone release from lifting heavy weight during bench pressing. Pushing heavy weight is one of the best strategies for becoming an anabolic muscle building beast!

This article is going to give you 8 scientifically proven trick that will allow you to quickly increase your bench press, gain lean muscle mass and increase your anabolic hormones.

  1. Pump Up Your Adrenaline

This is one of those “outside the box” mindset hacks that can instantly help you bench press 10 percent more weight.

It has been shown that if you get “pumped up” and do something that increases your adrenaline you will immediately be able to lift more weight on compound exercises.

There was a study conducted by AUT University with rugby players that found if they pumped themselves up before a bench press set they were able to increase the amount lifted by 8 percent.

So how do you pump yourself up? Well you have to do whatever works for you but an easy way is to jam out to really loud music that releases adrenaline into your body.

Pick your favorite high energy jam, load up that bench press bar and go for that 1 rep max!

  1. Power of Visualization

Another powerful trick to instantly bench-pressing more weight is to visualize you performing a successful lift with heavy weight. This psychologically tricks yourself into making your big lifts a reality, which boosts your confidence and concentration.

As simple as this concept is most guys don’t think to incorporate it into their weight lifting regimen. The power of visualization was once used by some guy named Michael Jordan – seemed to work pretty well for him!

  1. Rep Range Confusion

One of the biggest mistakes that many guys make when trying to increase their bench press is they stick to the same repetition range each and every workout.

Remember that your muscles are really stubborn and are only going to respond to new forms of stimulus and overload. This means that varying your repetition ranges will recruit different muscle fibers and shock your chest into growth and strength gains.

Some workouts you could be performing really heavy sets in the 1-5-repetition range, other workouts in the 8-12 repetition range. Try mixing it up, but make sure to get at least one heavy (1-5 reps, 90%+) session in per week. You won’t add numbers to your press if you’re always doing 8+ reps.

If you are training at maximum intensity with a wide variety of repetition ranges you are exposing your body to different types of overload and stimulus you are literally forcing yourself to adapt and get stronger.

  1. Bench Press 1st

One of the easiest ways to increasing your bench press is to make sure that you are performing the bench press before any other lift during your training session.

We are going to mention many different ways to shock your body and trick your muscles into bench pressing more weight, but if you are bench pressing towards the end of your workout you are not able to generate a maximum amount of force, which will make it harder to increase your bench press. This may seem obvious but many athletes do not follow this – Compound lifts first, always. (Here’s two studies to back it up: see here, and here.)

  1. Vary Your Rest Times

Note: this method shouldn’t take priority over training heavy. Shortening rest times during extremely heavy sets could be dangerous, however for conditioning and a change of pace it’s a good tactic to work in on the higher-rep, lower-weight sets.

One of the easiest ways to challenge your muscles and increase your bench press is to vary and shorten your rest times in training.

While you are in the process of training for an increased bench press max you will find that the combination of short rest times with moderate-heavy weight will shock your body and condition you to be able to exert more force and overload during future workouts.

Re-Note: Make sure during heavy sets that you are recovered enough to perform the set. You shouldn’t have to force many reps in training. The lift should be tight & explosive. If you are grinding a lot of reps then you need to rest more between sets or lower the weight.

Most guys lift heavy weight on the bench press and rest 3-4 minute between sets so their body can fully recover and they can lift a lot of weight again while maintaining solid form and speed.

The bottom line is that if you want to increase your bench press fast you need to train and shock your muscles in a different way frequently. This means that occasionally adding in short rest times and moderate-heavy weight can help your quest towards bench press domination.

  1. Modified German Volume Training

Modified German Volume Training allows you to put an incredible amount of overload on your body during compound exercise movements.

The only real change is that instead of doing a 10×10, you do a 10×5. 10 sets of 5 reps.

Modified German Volume training is ideal for bulking season and improving strength and lean muscle gains with compound lifts like the bench press.

You can set up your Modified German volume-training regimen by picking a weight that is about 75 percent of your 1 rep max.

You will be performing 10 sets of this exercise sticking in the 5 repetition range. The kicker is that you will only be resting 2-3 minutes between sets! This means that you will be performing about 50 repetitions in a span of a little over 20-30 minutes.

This forces your pectoral muscles to work harder than they ever have before and will no doubt result in an increase in strength gains on the bench press. More reading is available on optimal training volume here.

  1. Build up the Upper Chest

One common mistake is that a lot of guys put a huge emphasis on their middle chest with little emphasis on the upper chest.

By working in a lot of incline exercises such as the db pullover, incline bench press and incline db bench press you will develop surrounding muscle groups such as the clavicular pectoralis and anterior deltoids that are crucial for bench press success.

  1. Increase Triceps Strength

Your triceps are another vital muscle group that is utilized during the bench press. You want to make sure you have really strong triceps so you are able to successfully lock out your bench press repetitions.

If you are having trouble “locking out” on heavy bench press sets you need to focus on increasing triceps strength.

Exercises that force your triceps to get stronger such as the weighted dip, Ez Bar skull crush and Db Overhead Triceps press will help you bench press more weight.

      Increasing Your Bench Press: Techniques

Try to pull the bar apart

This is a very basic old school powerlifting tip that is also backed by science.

It’s a basic concept: During your setup, pull your shoulder blades together and squeeze the bar like you’re trying to pull it apart. Hold this position during the entire lift. This well help generate more force, activate more muscle, and keep you in a strong position.

Body position on the bench

Pull your shoulder blades together and drive your back into the bench. Squeeze the bar as hard as you can, keep your feet firmly planted just under or in front of the knees. Maintain an arch and stay tight throughout the whole lift. You should be locked so tight that if someone tried to push you off of the bench, they wouldn’t be able to.

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