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THERMO-XT Fat Burning Agent
THERMO-XT Fat Burning AgentTHERMO-XT Fat Burning AgentTHERMO-XT Fat Burning AgentTHERMO-XT Fat Burning Agent

THERMO-XT Fat Burning Agent



Fat Burning Agent

  • Increase Energy & Focus

  • Boost Metabolism

  • Appetite Suppression

  • Burn More Calories

  • Manufactured in the USA in a State-of-the-Art cGMP and FDA-registered Facility

  • 100% Hassle-Free Money-Back Guarantee  

What is Thermo-xt?

THERMO-XT is an advanced thermogenic supplement featuring a comprehensive profile of powerful natural fat burners, such as trademarked Infinergy™ di-caffeine malate and Capsimax® high-potency cayenne pepper extract. Experience lasting energy, reduced food cravings, and greater focus that keeps you in the zone for hours on end, all without the unwanted adverse effects of harsh stimulants (e.g. crashing and jitteriness).

Fat loss ultimately comes down to burning more calories than you consume. By providing clinical doses of herbal extracts, THERMO-XT naturally ramps up your metabolic rate and the number of calories you burn, making it easier to lose weight, target stubborn body fat, and get a leaner physique. 

WhY take thermo-XT?

Key Benefits


● 24 g of pure whey protein isolate and concentrate per serving 

● Over 5 grams of muscle building BCAAs per serving
● Enhances lean muscle growth 

● Promotes recovery

● Reduces muscle tissue breakdown

● Rapidly absorbed 

● Rapidly absorbed

● Easy to digest 

● Delicious taste

● Add to any diet plan

● Minimal lactose 

● No GMOs, soy, artificial colors, or unnecessary fillers 

● Made in the USA in a cGMP facility 

The Science of Authentic Whey

There are numerous benefits from daily consumption of Authentic Whey protein powder that stem from the physiological roles of essential amino acids (i.e. amino acids that you must consume for proper health and longevity). 

Authentic Whey offers two complete forms of protein (whey isolate and whey concentrate) that contain all nine of the essential amino acids, as well as a generous amount of L-leucine - a key amino acid for stimulating the mammalian target of rapamycin (mTOR) pathway that regulates muscle protein synthesis. 

Quite simply, each scoop of Authentic Whey rapidly floods your muscles with amino acids they NEED to repair and grow! 

And that’s not all, whey protein is also… 

● Rapidly absorbed & digested
● Easy & convenient to add to any diet plan (use it to make a homemade smoothies as a muscle-building meal replacement!) 

● Great for helping maintain muscle mass and mitigate age-related muscular atrophy  

● Anti-catabolic, making it great for endurance athletes like marathoners 

● Beneficial for fat loss 

Who Can Use Authentic Whey?

Authentic Whey is the ideal protein source for both males and females, including:
● Active people who regularly train with weights 

● Individuals who want to burn body fat and build lean muscle 

● Bodybuilders and physique competitors 

● Recreational and competitive athletes 

● Individuals on a ketogenic/low-carb diet 

● Endurance athletes and distance runners 

● Anyone looking for an easy way to increase their protein intake 

Order Authentic Whey today and start getting the results you’ve always wanted from a quality whey protein supplement! If for any reason you aren't satisfied, let us know and we will arrange for a full refund. 

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