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We all have those “blah” days when we just don’t feel energetic and motivated to exercise, but that’s no excuse to skimp on your workouts.  I often overhear gym-goers talking about their workout like it’s some nagging chore they have to “get out of the way” before the day is over. I can’t help but […]

Have your arms not grown in seemingly forever? Day in and day out, I see the same guys doing the same arm routine. And guess what, they arms are still pretty tiny. It’s odd how so many gym goers keep doing the same thing over and over despite progress being nonexistent. These guys spend too […]

Probably the first thing people ask when they start out on a fat loss program is should they go “no-carb”. In recent years, various “health experts” have suggested that sugar is “toxic”, and even “an addictive ‘drug‘”. They further claim that foods high in sugar content wreak havoc on the body’s hunger-regulating mechanisms.  What’s interesting to note is that […]

When you scroll through your social media feed, odds are you will come across an article preaching “detox” diets or “cleanses.” No matter which label you prefer, you’ll have a hard time giving either an explicit definition. Moreover, people have no clue what cleanses are meant to do beyond eliminating “toxins” from the body. Sadly, […]

Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera), also sometimes referred to as Indian ginseng, is a plant with various medicinal and adaptogenic properties in humans. Adaptogens are chemicals that attenuate our response to stress, whether physical or psychological. In recent years, modern medical research has rapidly grown on the therapeutic effects of ashwagandha supplementation. Thus far, the evidence is quite […]